About Rob


Hi, I'm Rob,

In 2008 I had changed jobs five times in 10 years working in Marketing departments for small, medium, and publicly traded companies wondering if there was ever any "calm" trying to meet pressure cooker deadlines. After having unexplained strain and stress in my shoulders, neck and back, Massage was suggested by my healthcare provider.  The results were amazing, and there was no medication needed.

My journey to change professions was underway.

I retook the Myer's Briggs Personality Test, had my hands interpreted (or palms read) by Baeth Davis, and met with an Evolutionary Astrologer.  The results of this in-depth personal journey pointed me to Massage Therapy. My family has always been in the medical field and it was my turn to join the healing profession.

Fortunately, I relocated to Las Vegas and practiced Medical Massage for six years in patient's homes helping those that had been involved in sports injuries and car accidents. My time was split working in spa 1-block off the Las Vegas strip. 

In 2018 it was time to return to St. Petersburg to be closer to my family and enjoy the combination of nature and attractions the area has to offer. 

Florida Licensure MA89149. Massage Establishment License# MM32814.  NPI# 1487884714 . Certified Medical Massage Practitioner since 2009. St. Petersburg Massage.